Salute! Hero – 2021 annual awards conference of Dongyue Group

On January 27th, with the theme of “Salute! Hero”, Dongyue Group 2021 annual awards conference was held in the Golden Hall of Dongyue International Hotel, grant the rewards and honors to the team and individuals that made significant contributions to the development of the group during 2021. County and Town leaders Fan Wei, Liu Chunjie, Li Xiangdong, Xu Ning, Chen Zhiyuan, He Yujin, Yu Yingxin, Zhang Zhiwei attended the meeting. In strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention, the conference has set up one main venue and 38 sub-venues, and the whole meeting is presented in the form of live broadcast. Ten major events feature films of Dongyue Group were broadcast on the scene of the conference, and 28 sub-awards were awarded in four major categories including advanced Group Award, Advanced individual Award, assessment cash Award and Chairman and President special Award. More than one thousand management staff of the group, including all the support staff, managerial staff above squad leader, all the professional staff of junior titles and above, personnel with master’s and doctor’s degrees, all stationed abroad leader and all those who are honored participated in the awards conference through on-site attendance and online video.

Chen Zhiyuan, the member of Standing Committee of county, deputy head of the county government said in his speech, Dongyue group adheres to the party building, carry out core cultural education of CCP history and Dongyue venture history, in promoting our county fluorine, silicon, membrane, hydrogen and other high-tech industry development process, was of one mind, forge ahead. Achieve good results repeatedly and have countless rich fruits in project construction, technological innovation, benefit growth. In the New Year, we hope that Dongyue Group will continue to maintain the fine tradition of hard work and strive for first-class, carry forward its achievements, make persistent efforts and forge ahead with determination, and make new and greater contributions to the economic development of the county.

In his speech, Zhang Jianhong, chairman of the Board of Directors, first congratulated all the winners of 2021 Advanced Collective and individuals. Expressed gratitude to the governments and all sectors of society that care for the development of Dongyue group. He said Dongyue group achieved its best performance in the history in 2021, thanks to the care and guidance of party committees and governments at all levels, the great help of all sectors of society, and the hard work of all officials and employees. Everyone who made contributions is a hero. He pointed out that “honoring heroes, worshiping heroes, learning from heroes and striving to be heroes” should be the common memory of all Dongyue people in the past year.

He said “Salute the heroes” has become a source of strength for Dongyue people to start again and overcome difficulties, and a greater driving force and support for Dongyue to move forward into the future. To salute the heroes is to elevate the enterprise spirit, enterprise strength and enterprise culture of Dongyue to the title corresponding to the hero. What is a hero? A hero is one who can overcome all difficulties, challenge all limits and win all victories. Today, the young people on the front-line of Dongyue inherit the blood of heroes, carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of Dongyue, it reflects the great dedication spirit of the Chinese nation. Last year, all the heroes of Dongyue, with the unique fighting power of Dongyue people, won the moment of high-efficiency development. “Honoring heroes, worshiping heroes, learning from heroes and striving to be heroes” should become the positive energy of future work and entrepreneurship.

The chairman puts forward three requirements for the work in 2022. First, we need to achieve more sustainable, high-quality and cost-effective development. Through long-term layout, investment and long-term research and development, as well as the “industry + investment” business model, to ensure the successful construction of each project and the realization of the world first-class fluorine silicon membrane hydrogen modern enterprise. Second, we must never be satisfied and stop working on scientific and technological development, platform construction and talent game. We should be soberly aware that there is still a big gap between Dongyue and foreign advanced enterprises. We should never be complacent or get carried away by periodical success. To maintain a calm mind, to use scientific and technological research and development, long-term layout, scientific and technological breakthroughs to support the long-term development of Dongyue. Third, with a grateful heart, return home. The purpose of enterprise management is to build hometown, repay society, serve the country, repay the party. Dongyue can develop to the present, is the good policy of the party’s reform and open to give Dongyue development of the sun, rain and dew, is the result of many years of education and support of CCP and governments at all levels, also the result of the understanding and support of Huantai hometown. The chairman said Dongyue has achieved the best development environment today, our “fluorine silicon membrane hydrogen” material will develop into an important material to support the development of new energy and clean energy in the future, and is the most important industrial support and scientific support.

In 2022, there will be many challenges, many difficulties, and great pressure, but we have made preparations and made arrangements, and Dongyue will certainly realize its beautiful vision in 2022. President Wang Weidong read out the commendation and reward decision and honored the meritorious individuals.

Post time: Feb-10-2022
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