• PFA (DS702&DS701&DS700&DS708)

    PFA (DS702&DS701&DS700&DS708)

    PFA is the copolymer of TFE and PPVE, with excellent chemical stability, electrical insulating property, age resistance and low friction.Its high temperature mechanical property is much higher than PTFE, and it can be processed as common thermoplastics with extrusion, blow molding, injection molding and other general thermoplastic processing technology.

    Conformable with:Q/0321DYS017

  • PFA Powder (DS705)

    PFA Powder (DS705)

    PFA powder DS705, with good thermal stability, outstanding chemical inertness, good electrical insulation, and low coefficient of friction etc.It is a kind of thermoplastic easy to process. SHENZHOU DS705 particle size distribution is uniform, the surface of the coating lubrication bright, and no pinholes, after electrostatic coating processing.The processed products can be used in 260℃ for a long time, and widely used in anti-stick,  anti-corrosion and insulation product coating areas.

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