Huaxia Shenzhou was awarded the provincial health enterprise

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Patriotic Health Association announced the list of provincial health enterprises in 2022, and Shenzhou Company ranked first in Zibo City, making outstanding contributions to the construction of health enterprises in Zibo City and Dongyue group.


At the end of October 2022, the Shandong Provincial Health Expert Group carried out a two-day health enterprise acceptance work for Shenzhou Company. In accordance with relevant regulations, the expert group conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Shenzhou’s cultural construction concept and healthy enterprise construction work by listening to health work reports, on-site inspection of Shenzhou Company’s DCS control center, workshop site, group health room, restaurant, sports venue, reading room and psychological counseling and evaluation system, as well as consulting relevant materials and centralized comments. In the end, Huaxia Shenzhou scored 1023 points, ranking first in the evaluation of provincial health enterprises in Zibo.


Post time: Jan-16-2023
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