Big News: DongYue Ranked in the Global R&D Investment List

Recently, the European Commission released the 2021 edition of the top 2500 Global Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard, of which DongYue ranked 1667th. Among the top 2500 enterprises, there are 34 chemical enterprises in Japan, 28 ones in China, 24 in the United States, 28 in Europe, and 9 in other regions.

Investment List

DongYue has attached great importance to R&D investment and innovation in technology for many years. It focuses on researching new energy, new environmental protection, and new material industries, and has built a world-class fluorosilicon material park and a complete chain and group in fluorosilicon membrane hydrogen industry. It has mastered a large number of world-leading technologies and made remarkable achievements in the R&D and production of new environment-friendly refrigerants, fluorinated polymer materials, silicone materials, chlor-alkali perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane and proton exchange membrane. Its products are widely sold in more than 100 countries and regions.

In the future, DongYue will focus on technological innovation and talent introduction, and accelerate the construction of a 100 billion-level fluorosilicon industrial park, and realize the development vision of “becoming a respected global brand enterprise of fluorosilicon, membrane and hydrogen materials”.

Post time: Jul-18-2022
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