2023 Dongyue Group Annual Meeting: A new era for Dongyue


On November 29, 2022, the 2023 Industrial Chain Cooperation Annual Meeting of Dongyue Group was officially held. In the Golden Hall of Dongyue International Hotel, which is the main venue, eight branch venues and network video terminals across China gathered through online meetings. More than 1,000 people attended the conference, including domestic experts in fluorine, silicon, membrane and hydrogen materials, industry leaders, strategic partners of Dongyue and media professionals. Through live broadcasting, they watched Dongyue documentaries, and learned about the new development and changes of Dongyue Group in project construction, scientific research and innovation, compliance management, market services through on-site interaction, remote reporting, multi-screen interaction and other innovative ways. They paid attention to the current development trend of the industry during the epidemic, discussed and studied the innovative development of key materials in the fluorine, silicon, membrane and hydrogen industry, and provided suggestions for the high-quality development of the industry.



1. New developments: The 14.8 billion yuan(2.1 billion USD)investment in new projects

In recent years, the completion of various planning projects of Dongyue Group has greatly improved and increased the production capacity and types of Dongyue products, with an additional production capacity of 1.1 million tons, further expanding the scale of fluorine and silicon industry. Among them, the first phase of the fuel cell proton membrane project and its supporting chemical project of 1.5 million square meters per year have been put into operation, making the future hydrogen energy company the only domestic and rare perfluorinated proton exchange membrane industry chain R&D and production enterprise; The total production capacity of silicone monomer reached 600,000 tons, ranking the top three in the domestic silicone industry; The scale of PTFE plants remains the first in the world, further consolidating the scale advantage of leading enterprises; The scale of polyvinylidene fluoride plant ranks first in China, and with the commissioning of 10,000 tons of PVDF developed for new energy market demand, a complete PVDF gold industry chain has been created. The fluorosilicon membrane hydrogen industry chain and supporting capabilities are becoming more and more perfect, and the ability to resist market risks is getting stronger and stronger.


In addition, in the process of high-quality development, Dongyue Group has explored a new development model of “industry & capital”, returned to listing through the spin-off of the silicone sector, raised a total of 7.273 billion yuan in the capital market through capital market functions such as the construction of new high-end fluoropolymer projects such as PVDF and PTFE, and the placement and issuance of new shares by Dongyue Group in the Hong Kong capital market. Sufficient finance guarantees the progress of various scientific research projects, so that Dongyue has entered a new era of high-quality and sustainable development.


2.New patterns: The maturity of industry chains in fluorine, silicon, membrane and hydrogen products

Dongyue Group will become the world’s largest polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin production and R&D enterprise. Dongyue PVDF project has realized the localization of key materials, and has built a PVDF resin production plant of 25,000 tons/year, ranking first in China and second in the world. By 2025, after 30,000 tons/year of PVDF put into operation, the production capacity will reach 55,000 tons/year, and Dongyue Group will be the world’s largest, technologically leading and most internationally competitive PVDF R&D and production base. Dongyue fluororubber (FKM) production capacity, ranking fifth in the world and first in China; The production capacity of polyperfluoroethylene propylene resin (FEP) ranks third in the world and first in China.


3.New Peak: Create a new era of scientific and technological research and development

Focusing on the four high-end industries of fluorine,silicone, membrane and hydrogen, and committed to building a first-class scientific research platform, Dongyue has built the Group Central Research Institute, Global Innovation Research Institute, Collaborative Innovation Research Institute under the leadership of the Group’s General Science and Technology Department, 6 R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Kobe(Japan), Vancouver(Canada) and Düsseldorf(Germany), 6 core subsidiary research institutes and 22 laboratories jointly built with universities to create a unique industrial chain and industrial cluster in the industry.


Chairman Zhang Jianhong said: “Dongyue Group’s R&D investment continued to increase, reaching 839 million yuan in 2021, accounting for 5.3% of its operating income; In 2022, the proportion will reach more than 7.6%. The total amount and intensity of R&D investment are in the forefront of the industry, and 7 companies of the group have been recognized as national high-tech enterprises. It has 11 R&D platforms at or above the provincial and ministerial level, such as state key laboratories, national recognized enterprise technology centers, postdoctoral research workstations, international science and technology cooperation bases, and provincial key laboratories. ”


4.New products: to solve problems in technologies

Over the years, the Dongyue science and technology innovation team has focused on the core technology with a continuous research spirit.


At the meeting, the new achievements made by Dongyue Group in the research and development and landing of new products in the past two years were comprehensively displayed.


Vice President Lu Mengshi introduced during the future technology development plan of Dongyue: “Dongyue will continue to extend to the high end of the value chain and provide customers with more high-quality products. By 2025, the company will develop 765 new products (series) with a total of more than 1,000 patents. In July 2022, Dongyue Group proposed the “Action Plan for the Development of High-end Fine Chemicals and High-end Materials”: it is planned to form a scale of 200,000 tons of high-end fine chemicals and 200,000 tons of high-end fluoropolymers in three to five years, create a high-quality development path for Dongyue Group, and realize the high-end of the whole industrial chain of Dongyue fluorosilicon membrane hydrogen.


5.New measures: Serving customers and markets dedicatedly

At the meeting, new measures to serve customers and the market were also conveyed, which further enhanced the confidence of the industry in cooperation in facing the current complex business situation.


Loyalty to customers and providing customers with first-class products and services is the belief and pursuit of Dongyue. This was confirmed by the video interaction between the conference site and the eight customer representatives from various branches across the country. All customer representatives said from the bottom of their hearts: In the special epidemic period, Dongyue can truly achieve “sending charcoal in the snow”, think about what customers think, urgently meet the needs of customers, and constantly close the cooperative relationship with customers with warm and responsible products and services. All customers truly feel that Dongyue is a good partner with responsibility and reliability.

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