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Old products “coruscate new life”- Shenzhou R & D Center spreads good news.

There are four main products in Shenzhou. The market shares of PVDF, FKM and FEP are basically stable, and PFA is emerging. In order to better adapt to the needs of national development, Shenzhou R&D teams work together to make the old products “new” again. Firstly, PVDF team is solving the problems according to customer feedback. Through the comparison and analysis of the physical properties of the products from competitors, the research team found a new way to greatly extend the gel time of the samples. Secondly, FKM team made the molecular weight of raw gum to tend to be stable after exploring the polymerization conditions and experimental conditions, so as to ensure its good viscoelasticity. At the same time, the performance of vulcanized rubber is also greatly improved. Thirdly, FEP team completed the zero emission of PFOA in FEP production. The product stability is greatly improved through adjusting process parameters. Fourthly, PFA team is developing the new polymerization system of the high purity PFA. The smaller reactor experiment is relatively smooth, and some products have been obtained.

Post time: Apr-13-2022
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