Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Resin New Plant Project

news-thu-1FEP Resin has almost all the excellent properties of PTFE Resin. Its unique advantage is that it can be melt processed, through injection and extrusion molding. FEP is widely and mainly used in the following fields :
1. electronics and electrical industry: manufacturing of wire, cable cladding, press plug-in, high frequency electronic equipment transportation line, computer wire insulation layer and the related parts;
2. chemical industry: manufacturing of anti corrosive linings for pipes,valves, pumps, vessels,towers,heat exchangers and anti-corrosive filters;
3. Machinery Industry: manufacturing of seals and bearings;
4. National Defence Industry: manufacturing of aeronautical conductors,special coatings and spare parts;
5. Pharmaceutical and medical industries: repair of heart valves and small airways.
Because of these good application and market demand increasing,our company decided to invest the new capacity.

The construction of new 5,000-ton/year FEP plant of Shenzhou has been close to end.It will start to produce by the end of next January.The new plant adopts totally new and updated level technologies and production systems. Based on our rich experience of production and research for over a decade,we are trying to provide our customers the best and most stable products and service. We are confident that our new FEP products are able to replace the grades of the international brands.

Aim to get more market share in the high-end industries and enter into advanced application,we are devoted to develop and produce more varieties of FEP and other reliable fluoropolymers.We will share and update the progress of FEP new plant and projects.

As the new FEP project is completed and put into operation, our total FEP production capacity will continue to be the leader in the domestic market and the market share will be more than 50%, far ahead of other competitors. At the same time, our FEP quality level will rise to a new level, providing strong supports for the company’s future development.

Post time: Dec-06-2021
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