DS 246

  • FKM (Terpolymer) fluoroelastomer Gum-246

    FKM (Terpolymer) fluoroelastomer Gum-246

    Fluoroelastomer FKM Terpolymer Gum-246 series are the terpolymer of vinylidenefluoride, tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene.Because of its high fluorine content, its vulcanized rubber has excellent anti oil property and high thermal stability.It also has good mechanical property and can be used in 275℃ for a long time, in 320℃ for a short time.The property of antil oil and anti acid is better than FKM-26, resistance of FKM246 to oil, ozone, radiation, electricity and flamer is similar with FKM26.

    Execution standard:Q/0321DYS 005

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